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Imagine a work-life so aligned you confidently flow

through every part of your day.

Let's make that your reality.

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Work-life balance?

What’s that lie and who has time for it, right?


Doesn’t it sound like an entirely made-up concept from some overly optimistic life coach? 


It’s hard to imagine achieving that balance when it feels like you have to put in 10x everyone else's effort to get the same results at work.


Not that it ever feels like enough, though.


You’re practically an authority on burnout and exhaustion from the constant grind. (How does it seem like everyone else is thriving while you’re just stuck?)


You’re tired of existing where you’re devalued and unrecognized by leadership, so done with trying to feel “qualified” enough while you spin your wheels with the same unproductive situations. 


You spend your days going from task to task and now you’ve lost sight of the big picture, too overwhelmed to make progress on your own ideas and opportunities. 


But you’ve got a job and a way to pay the bills. And maybe you’ve also got decades of internalized shame saying “you aren’t allowed to be uncomfortable and expect something better for yourself.”

So, you just keep hustlin’—unsure how to set and maintain boundaries, improve your skills, or gather up the confidence to take action on some much-needed changes. 


I see you.

If it’s been a long time since you prioritized yourself and balanced all that professional development with a little personal development, you need an approach to synchronize work and life.


To create career advancement that doesn’t jeopardize your personal life. To build authority, be a happier, healthier, more strategic leader, and craft a work-life you love.


I can relate.

I earned my stripes as a PM, spearheading projects in everything from AppDev to digital marketing and communications, mergers and acquisitions, and community advocacy and innovation. Eventually, I buckled under the pressure of conforming to the 'right way' of being a PM in Corporate America, struggling hard with the next best move. 


Chances are–what you’re feeling right now, I felt too. 

My life changed when I got honest about my goals and future and found the courage to go after what I wanted.


I’m Christina, the Alignment Strategist for project professionals who want to create a day-to-day that flows and feels like their OWN and be in charge of their careers for a change. 

I’m a thinking introvert (with an intuition game so on-point it hurts) and your confidante and guide, armed with a sprinkle of comic relief.

My job is to help you move from a loop of resistance and frustration to an abundant career that aligns with the life you want to live and the impact you want to make in the world.

Work Desk

Christina is the real deal. She didn't read about this in a book, she experienced it in real life and now she has come out on the other side and is determined to help people see the light even if it seems dark.


If you are facing similar challenges that Christina did now is the time to reach out. Have a conversation with her. I did and it was extremely enlightening. You can thank me in the morning, but for now, make that connection. Take control of your life.

lee r. lambert

a founder of the pmp

Top 5 reasons I work with PMs & other project professionals

(you know we love a good list)

  1. We think differently. We strategize, problem solve, and approach the world in a unique way.

  2. We usually fall through the cracks. We look like we have it all together and people are used to us holding things down for everyone else.

  3. We encounter unique frustrations, questions, and challenges around influence, boundaries, efficiency, productivity, agency, and identity.

  4. We hold ourselves back from what's possible because of limiting and unproductive beliefs, thoughts, and habits.

  5. We deserve a life of purpose. With work that feels like flow, not force. Work that feels like ours, not someone else's. And a day-to-day we're super stoked about. ​

Tropical Flower

I already considered myself a well organized professional before working with Christina, but I needed help in demonstrating my process. She helped me refine the systems I used to keep track of projects, deadlines, and critical decisions made by project owners.


When I started leading project teams, I had a tough time asking superiors to complete tasks and she helped improve my assertiveness in doing just that. More importantly, she taught me strategies to build respect within the project team so that tasks were completed effectively, and on time.


With her help, I was better prepared to build necessary structure out of large, ambiguous projects, and within a few months, I had the confidence to move into a more demanding role as a Program Manager.


If you’re looking to enhance your skill set, find a new path, or a confidence you didn’t know you had, I would highly recommend working with Christina.

Nicky Young

Program Manager, Nonprofit

Tell Me How Hero

A work-life YOU love.

Your certifications and expert ability to maintain the status quo aren’t making you feel fulfilled because you can’t shake that nagging feeling you’re living up to someone else’s definition of success.


But knowing where to start and gathering up the courage to make BIG life changes on your own feels impossible.


It’s so tempting just to vent to your colleagues and feel better for a moment because they share your experiences and understand your frustrations. But, the thing is, your coworkers are actually your competition and don’t always have your best interests at heart. 


And life coaches—or even your well-meaning support system of friends and family—don’t understand the unique pressures we PMs face. 


That’s why I developed this program specifically to help overworked, under-challenged project professionals find their flow and craft a work-life they love. Within a matter of months. Not years. 


It's time to normalize self-expression, introspection, and compassionate, no-nonsense leadership in the project management space. 


I'm new to an executive position and needed guidance on the right path for me. The goal was to determine if I’m taking the right actions in my career and life to impact meaningful change.

I was able to talk through my bigger picture with Christina. She also brought me a step deeper when we ran assessments on why I make decisions and how the balance of my body has a lot to do with it.

Christina makes you feel comfortable. Her empathy and genuine personality help put you at ease. It felt like I was talking to an old friend every time we met. It made coming out of the most stressful situations at work a lot better after our conversations.

Christina is wonderful. She truly cares and you’ll feel that resonate in the work she puts in for you.

Ann Campea, MSPM, MPH, PMP

VP Operations & hoST OF THE eVERYDAY pm pODCAST

Beach Bar
The 90-Day PM Level-Up Program

The 90-Day PM Level-Up Program

Using a holistic, solutions-based approach, the 90-Day PM Level-Up covers multiple areas of professional advancement, including performing under pressure, influencing (with or without authority), clear and effective communication, strategy, and so much more.


To build those professional skills, we first focus on who you are as a whole, complex person. Once we understand the building blocks of YOU, we home in on how to structure your level-up and the steps to get you there.  


This proven PM Career Alignment framework aims to walk project managers through their personal and professional LEVEL-UP, step-by-step.


  • Graduate from the program understanding your unique PM style and how to use it to further your company’s goals and get what you want from your personal goals. 

  • Complete this program with increased confidence, clarity, and the ability to recognize your invaluable skill set. 

  • Learn to operate as a free agent whose identity isn’t defined by a job.

Best fit 

This program is designed specifically for the project professional ready to make lasting change, leave their old PM approach in the dust, and be seen as a valuable leadership asset at work. 


If you’re ready to tap into your talent and claim total agency over your life and career and practice project management your way, this program is for you.

What it includes

12 weekly private coaching sessions to walk you through the process and help you adjust for challenges that arise along the way.


Fundamental structure, guidance, and course correction from your strategic partner and guide who will hold you accountable to changes that will drive your level-up.


Retrospectives to evaluate progress, so you don't have to guess if you're on the right path. You'll know you are. 


Ongoing support between sessions via text, voice note, or email. This is a total game-changer that accelerates the process and eliminates wasted time. 


The lifelong tools you need to create and maintain a career that energizes and inspires you!






The PM Career Alignment Process

phase 1: CLARIFY (Week 1-3)

You get to your destination a lot faster when you know exactly where you're starting from.

  • Define core values

  • Identify goals & requirements

  • Baseline skills against 12 core competencies to pinpoint key focus areas

phase 2: FIND DIRECTION (Week 2-4)


Align your goals with what you need and WANT for a life you love.

  • Conduct gap analysis & confirm initial goals

  • Determine stretch goals

Phase 3: CREATE ACTION PLAN (Week 5-7)


Eliminate guesswork and know the exact steps you need to take to reach your goals.

  • Create a personalized action plan with quantifiable benchmarks to measure progress

  • Develop composite of ideal work experience aligning with values, goals, strengths & stretch

phase 4: EXECUTE, MEASURE & FINE TUNE (Week 8-12)


Walk away prepared to maintain and recreate your results long after your program is complete!

  • Implement your action plan, measuring and adjusting where needed​

  • Adjust energy & positioning for new role or shifts to implement in current role

  • Practice realignment, resistance building, and no-nonsense tactics 

Light and Shadow

My career has been on a definite upward trend since working with Christina. When I first approached her, I was dealing with some negative feedback on my performance review. I knew I had to improve quickly in several areas to feel secure in my current job.


Now I've been getting more positive feedback, and seeing better results with my work. My program with Christina was a major factor in this turnaround!


I'm most proud of working with Christina to create my Action Plan. This is a single document that encompasses so much material, and it lays out in detail how I'll continue to get to where I want to be.

Mark porter, PMP

Project manager, unmanned aircraft systems & government contracts

You're not alone.

Maybe you’re this close to becoming a PM dropout. 


Or you just want to learn how to work from flow and intuition, not force, insecurity, and frustration. 


Whichever stage you’re at, regardless of whether you choose to work with me, it’s important you know you aren’t the only PM who feels tired, burned out, or out of place. 


And you deserve total agency over your life and career and the ability to practice project management YOUR way.


I see that spark. 


Let’s figure out how to give it a little oxygen… then douse it in gasoline, shall we?

Closeup of Leaf

I hired Christina because she’s easy to talk to and understood what I was experiencing without me having to say much. She can articulate things when I can’t! She helped me take a step back, look clearly at what the real issues were, and make sense of how to control them.


My relationship with my work and myself has changed because now I know I don’t have to fix how everyone sees me or change myself. 


The insight I got from our discussions was helpful and I definitely got clarity about my next move.

Anonymous, PMP

Project Analyst, healthcare



Is this program right for me?

Will this be worth it?

Isn't 12 weeks a long time?

Is this a group/cohort or one-on-one?

I've got more questions...

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