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Psst! Check out this blog post to learn what Retrospectives are, how they help strengthen your strategy muscles, and how you can start conducting your own.

Retro Hour FAQs

Retro Hour FAQs

  • What is Retrospective Hour? 
    Retro Hour is guided, heads-down time to focus on YOU and your growth from the previous month (plus sharing and quick-coaching if anyone needs it). 


  • How can Retro Hour help me? 
    There are 2 main ways to utilize Retro Hour: 

  1. As a goal-setting and productivity tool.
    Retrospectives help us measure our work and effort, evaluate outcomes, identify errors, and come away with plans that help us hit our goals faster and with more ease. 

  2. (My fave) As a whole-person, "my-worth-isn’t-tied-to-my-accomplishments, I'm-not-on-this-Earth-to-earn-my-keep-I'm-here-to-thrive" tool.
    Retros help us evaluate where we are and how we feel vs. where we want to be and how we want to feel. From there, we can process our emotions, chart next steps, reevaluate, or pick a whole new direction as needed, ensuring we’re managing our minds and energy in the way that’s best for us overall.


  • What should I bring? 
    Bring pen and paper, notetaking app… anything to help you capture your thoughts as we work through the prompts.


  • Will there be a recording/replay? 
    Retros Hours are not recorded, to protect the privacy of folks who choose to be vulnerable during this hour. However, I'm developing a mini-course for conducting your own personal retros. It's currently in beta testing. Register above☝🏽 and I'll let you know when it launches for real, for real.


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