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Bring flow to your projects

Consulting, strategy, and implementation to help

you manage all the moving pieces

From chaos to order
Even if you don’t know where to start

Prior to Christina, we were lost and confused. We had a BIG, high-visibility, year-long project to plan with strict deadlines and a lot of stakeholders relying on our ability to organize and execute.  


We didn't even know where to start!


Christina brought order to chaos, helping us to put a process in place at a pace we all could manage. 


Solome Tibebu

CEO, Behavioral Health Tech

Need a PM

The world needs what you do 


You shouldn’t have to say “no” to opportunities that let you deliver on big ideas because you don’t have the capacity to manage them.

But hiring, training, and learning to trust someone new is a lot to take on when you’re already overwhelmed.


That’s why MangoFlow Consulting was created. 

So you can bring on a seasoned Project Management Consultant to complete that high-visibility project on deadline...

And put the systems in place to do it again and again. 


Collective success with a

holistic impact

Streamline your processes, increase your efficiency, and deliver more value.


Empower your team and give them the resources they need to trust themselves in the future.

Achieve your goals, bring more of your best work to life, and make a difference in your community.

Helping your team
become healthy, aligned, and productive

I’m Christina. A certified Project Management Professional (PMP), an Alignment Strategist for PMs and leaders, and I have 10+ years

experience in project and program management, communication development, and organizational strategy.

And I've seen what you’re dealing with.


Organizations in managed care, behavioral health, non-profit, and social impact spaces have to sort through a lot of chaos – resulting in missed opportunities to make the difference you strive for.

I earned my stripes as a PM, spearheading projects in everything from AppDev, digital marketing and communications, to mergers/acquisitions and community advocacy. 

Photo of Christina in yellow blouse, smiling, with hair down and a turquoise backdrop behind her.

Veering into business for myself was a response to the need organizations like yours have for agile responses and sensitivity to meet unique challenges, be successful, and support your teams holistically.


P.S. I see you, too, PMs. If you’re looking for support on an individual level, head here.

Team Support

Give your team permission to trust themselves
And see the results in their output

I hired Christina because we needed a strong, strategic project lead to help structure a very important project and guide the team through it. 


Once Christina joined, we saw she was an efficient and clear communicator, and had a way of making people feel seen, heard, and valued no matter who they were or what their skills. 


The team started trusting themselves and each other a little more and it showed in their output. 


Christina does amazing work.

Lara Etue

Non-Profit Recruiter


Boutique Project Management Services


Program & Project Management

With experience in Agile, Waterfall, Hybrid, and more PM methodologies, I help you and your team get the right systems in place.


  • Plan and manage your projects in the style that suits your team best

  • Meet your project timelines (and get wayward projects back on track)

  • PM for pilot projects, model integrations, audit and compliance efforts, and more


Sustainable, Repeatable Processes


Support and position your leaders and their teams to get the best outcomes. Over and over again.

  • Cross-functional implementation of systems and processes

  • Focus on solutions and get the fundamental structure in place to do the job right


Alignment Strategy for PMs


It’s likely your team is already full of the right people. Give them the support they need to recognize that.

  • Onboarding and upskilling for PMs

  • Identify strengths, manage change, build leadership skills, and foster autonomy

  • Align core competencies to company goals and KPIs

PM Services

That’s where I come in.

You need help here.

Ideate. Implement. Repeat.


Fill out a quick form, and I’ll be in touch to book your consultation.

Create a plan


We develop a strategy to support your project – and your people.

set up future success

Get the foundation you need to keep meeting your goals.

Helping you focus on the outcomes
that make a difference

One person speaks while another person listens intently.




Continuous Learning & Innovation

Social Responsibility


The strategic PM lead for your 

most important projects

Onboarding takes a small time commitment upfront to achieve big results at the end.

  • Consulting, strategy, and implementation for your projects


  • Custom-tailored services according to your teams’ needs


  • Streamlined, repeatable processes and systems


  • Aligned, healthy, and productive team members

Because your best ideas don’t come equipped with an “implementation roadmap”

Seamlessly integrating with your team

[Christina] is extremely organized, communicative, and collaborative – across all levels of a team, department, and external partners. 


She is also very skilled in independently navigating situations that require high emotional intelligence and knowing exactly when and how to escalate – all while maintaining trust within the project team. 


I never worried about any engagement she was responsible for, no matter how sensitive the topic or issue. 


Senior Director, SDOH, Managed Care

Beach Bar
Small Strokes


For general inquiries, please fill out this form.

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